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Cooling fan

Cooling fan

Pipeline fan manufacturers

13 years of production experience, listed company partners

For more than 10,000 customers to provide professional services, BYD Group, Yip's Chemical Group, and many other listed companies partners

Products are widely used: IT field, sports equipment, ventilation equipment, welding equipment, power systems, medical electronic equipment

Production capacity, the introduction of high-tech

Known for its state-of-the-art technology and innovation, as well as the high quality of its products and services

It is a professional manufacturer of DC, AC, EC full range of brushless axial flow, cross flow and centrifugal cooling fans. It has introduced foreign high-tech fusion traditional spirit for innovation and development, and its products have passed the safety certification of many countries and regions. Such as: UL, CUL, TUV, CE, CCC and so on.

Strong team strength, to protect professional quality

High-end services, the concept of mid-priced as the core, adhere to the technical services from the details issued by the international authority of the quality of the new core certificate, to provide customers with high quality and reasonable prices, the value beyond the price。

Quality service, quality comes from the professional

Company all my colleagues are willing to enthusiasm for our customers provide a full range of personalized service

The survival of the company depends on the elite team and scientific management, the company's existing experienced, hardworking backbone and skilled, high-quality front-line staff of more than 80 and take full computerized management, improve management and work efficiency

Improve customer service management system, 7 * 2 hours online customer service and dedication to provide our clients with direct service!

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Shenzhen Fusheng Motor Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Fu Sheng Motor Co。, Ltd。, is a professional manufacturer of DC, AC, EC full range of brushless axial flow, cross flow, centrifugal cooling fan of the enterprise, was established in October 2004。 Located in the beautiful scenery and economically developed Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, we have been working hard in the industry。 Now we have formed a business philosophy of scale and product advantages。 We have always won the market with good product cost performance and good service, winning the trust of customers。 Products are widely used: IT areas, sports equipment, ventilation equipment, welding equipment, power systems, medical electronic equipment。。。。 


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